Turf Smart Sodding Process

Removal of Grass & Weeds

We remove the old grass with a tiller or sod cutter machine that removes the old grass and weeds to soil level. Sometimes we use hand tools to remove the old grass and weeds if the area is too small for our machines.

Levelling The Ground

We level the ground by adding the highest quality and weed free soil. This process helps to reduce the bumps and uneven surface.

Adding Topsoil

We add the highest quality soil from one of our farmers and level it evenly to the ground using rakes and tools. This helps the new grass to connect with the soil properly, which is vital for the longevity of the new grass.

Laying New Grass

We use the highest quality of 100% Kentucky bluegrass from our farmers in Ontario, Canada. Turf Smart experienced team memebers lay the rolls down with accuracy and precision.

Levelling The Grass

Turf Smart knowledgeable team members use heavy duty rollers to level the grass, which results in the ground to be levelled and smooth and helps the roots of the grass to connect with the soil.

Watering The Grass

Last but not the least, our team waters the grass, so the water can reach to the soil level, which helps for the growth of a healthy grass.

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